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                                     2021 COURSES                                             At the moment I'm busy  engaging in  a whole new set of  learning and growth which I'm excited to share with you in

the future. This includes Therapeutic Breath Work, working with the Nervous System to bring us into safety, and coaching designed to help us live in integrity with the future we desire rather than the past we've experienced.          

I will be offering classes on line next year for performers: Finding Your Voice  

Developing Your Voice     

Mindfulness for  Performance and Life

Demystifying Classical Text - Making it Your Own

For voice teachers:

Developing Your Voice 

Developing Your Text Work

Developing Your Pegagogy

For non performers: 

Finding Your Voice 

For All:

Mindfulness and Self Compassion


I also have limited availability for 1:1 sessions. If you are interested please email me detailing what work you work like and what is motivating you to do it. Please note that I do not teach accents

Developing Your Voice


This set of simple and effective exercises will give you a clear understanding of the elements involved in developing your voice. Following along on a regular basis, will build a healthy, flexible and expressive voice capable of filling whatever space you are working in, appropriately and truthfully. This class is for you whether you are a professional performer moving between theatre and film, or an individual looking to improve your vocal skills.

Bringing Text To Life


Join Barbara and professional actress, Jade Anouka, as they work through enjoyable and effective exercises that connect deeply and swiftly with the text, whether classical or modern, so the words sound as if they are your own. These principles work on every piece of writing whether it be Shakespeare, modern prose or a presentation to the board of directors. You will discover ways of charting your inner journey and will find the way to express a deep and subtle inner story that engages your audience. 


actor testimonials

I first became aware of Barbara Houseman’s work some years ago when I was performing with the RSC. She was part of the great tradition of voice teaching which the company encouraged, pioneered by the brilliant Cis Berry.

More recently I have worked with Barbara as a director and an actor. In both cases she was an enormous inspiration.


Barbara's work starts with voice, passes through the physical and results in a character.

Her teaching helps total performance.


Barbara is a passionate teacher and, as an actor new to the stage, there was no better person to be working with…She is an inspiring teacher, and I left every session stimulated with the new discoveries we had made…

I continue to work with her, as I find her a hugely motivating force in my work.


Having returned to the stage for the first time in 14 years I recently enlisted the help of Barbara and found her to be hugely helpful , supportive and inspirational ..

I rate her as one of the best voice coaches I have come across ..

Incisive .. Instinctive ..Specific ..and a great enabler ...I feel very lucky to know her and be able to work with her.


Barbara was vital to the success of our all-female trilogy at the Donmar. Her unique combination of technical know-how, passion and openness helped each of us with such different experiences, accents and backgrounds to express our own personal connection with Shakespeare’s language while never sacrificing clarity and audibility. The show benefited from the variety of sounds and the actors who had never spoken Shakespeare before could not have had a better start. 


Freedom From Torture

"Freedom from Torture is the only organisation in the UK dedicated solely to the treatment and rehabilitation of survivors of torture. They do amazing work and are very much led by their clients. I had the privilege of working with 9 members of the 'Write to Life Group'. It was a humbling experience and the comments below are testimony to their courage and tenacity. I have been involved with Freedom from Torture recently in a variety of ways and find it to be an excellently run charity doing superb work. What struck me about every client I met was their passionate wish to help others. If you are suffering from charity fatigue and wondering where you can usefully make a donation I can wholeheartedly recommend Freedom from Torture."

Barbara Houseman


"It made me feel more powerful. I started understanding what it was like to use my voice to express my feelings. When I was in prison, I was voiceless....After the ...workshop this is what I know... You have the power to change your own life and other vulnerable people’s lives too. The past is past – live your life, it’s a gift.


"To me the workshop....was as delicate as sowing a seed in the soil.... after years, with the help of that voice workshop and off-loading the distress with writing, I am more able to own the voice I had lost....It was not just a few hours getting together to do some theoretical work. It was as profound and effective as any therapy."


"I was scared of the exercises because, after what I’ve been through, I thought that I would never lift up my arms or legs again. But we followed the routine, swinging our arms to and fro...making various noises through my mouth and humming... After that all my pain and shame flew through the roof. I have never done such exercises before. They made us feel open and not worthless as we have been led to believe we are."




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