Would you like to attract happy, healthy love into your life?


Are there times when you are lonely even though you might enjoy your work and have good friends around you?

Do you long for a deep, committed, intimate, fulfilling relationship?

Would you love to build a healthy relationship with yourself where you feel you have the resources and the confidence to deal with whatever life throws at you?

Would you like to move from a scarcity to abundance mindset - rooted in the expansive possibility of the future?


About Calling in “The One”

Calling in “the one’”, based on the personal experience of Katherine Woodward Thomas, is a transformative process that allows you to shed past patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back from finding healthy, happy love. 

About Barbara Houseman

"With forty years experience coaching a wide range of clients to Find their Voices both literally and metaphorically I came across the work of Katherine Woodward Thomas in July 2020. I was so struck by the power of the Calling in “the one” process that by September I had enrolled to train as a Calling in “the one” coach. It has helped me unearth the beliefs and patterns that have stopped me from finding healthy, happy love. It has led to an enormous shift in all areas of my life. Now that I am fully qualified I am eager to share this process with others in their journey to healthy, happy love."


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